Monday, 31 August 2015

Simple Tips on Heart Care

Simple tips on heart care - Arjuna
You could be overweight or hypertensive with a family history of cardiac occurances- Natural remedies help definitely. Arjuna powder had daily does immense good for blood,cholesterol,hard arteries,blocked arteries. It works very well in tandem with heart formulation such as Shimbhala. Arjuna availability is also not an issue in markets.
We have consumed arjuna powder at home using it in tea alongwith normal tea leaves,with water.
ANushveda Wellness conducted a sample survey of Shimbhala and Arjuna users in New Delhi and out of 50 users 15 were combining Arjuna with Shimbhala and with fantastic results and doing so under advise from their Ayurvedic physicians.
Arjuna is a tree the Bark of which is supposed to possess immense medicinal properties. People from ancient times have been using it as a medicine successfully.
In not so urban towns Arjuna trees can be located and barks powdered at home for a fresh and pure assured arjuna powder.

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