Sunday, 30 August 2015

Heart Attack-Alternate Therapy or Herbal cure-My own story contd...3

While I was searching for an alternative , preventive or curative or both for my heart condition I passed several months and one day I consulted my own cardiologist, who incidentally was my doctor as well as friend and who had performed angioplasty on me. He is a very well established and known Interventionist at a renowned cardiac centres of Delhi and has performed all kind of heart surgeries.
He proposed a herbal formulation to me which was supposed to be had alongwith my regular heart medication. It would he said “stabilize” my condition and provide relief from present condition of weakness, low energy output, breathlessness etc.
To be hearing a cardiologist speak like this for a herbal medication surprised me but after 3 years of dealing with him I had not the slightest iota of doubt in my mind as to the authenticity of the formulation he was proposing.
He told me that it had produced fantastic results in other patients he had introduced it to and some of the noticeable effects it has included- Reduction of blockage from the arteries thereby increasing blood flow and reducing chances of Infarction or repeat infarction.
Reduction in triglyceride and cholesterol levels in the blood. In many cases he had even reduced the mill gram dosage of the Statin drugs to the patients.
My answer to my own problem seemed to be right here. I desparately required a medication which opened up my arteries and improved my quality of life something which i really missed in the last 3 years ever since I had the Heart Attack.
I had missed out on mountain treks which I used to do frequently with my wife who is an avid climber and trekker.
I missed all the drives in the mountains at high and lightening speeds which I am proud to be capable of.
I missed the security of a normal existence and here was my chance Alas ! Even if the herbal formulation did not succeed with me it gave me an exciting chance to atleast try and wriggle out of my impossible situation.
With my angiogram in 2007 at the time of angioplasty showing 90% blockage in one of the arteries and 100% occluded clot (where the infarction had occured) in the main artery (which had been resurrected with a stent) I decided to start taking the herbal formulation proposed by my doctor.
There was however just one more problem. The formulation was proposed to be prepared at home as there was no ready off the shelf product available just as yet
Herbal formulation of Ginger,Garlic and Lemon extracts, mixed and processed with green apple cider and based in honey is a potent therapy for treating blocked arteries and high LDL cholesterol, all potential 40+ stressed out hypertensive subjects being prime susceptible group or those with habits such as smoking,excessive drinking,sedentary life style,high fatty food intake etc.
My cardiologist swore by it and explained how he had treated many cases of acute Atherosclerosis and those post a Myocardial Infarction or angioplasty. he recommended to anyone with any possibility of cardiac disease as a Preventive Cure, to be had daily for 6-7 months long stretch at a time and leave for a period and restart in a cyclic form.
Bad artery condition does not develop overnight. It is a long drawn out process and one has to work quite hard to achieve it as well ! There has to be a concerted effort from all direction such as maintaining a bad life style, such as avoiding walks and work outs, physically remaining inactive all the time, Eating anything that one could lay hands on, Eat all kinds of junk foods and fried stuff, Smoke happily, drink happily and merrily without counting number of drinks, dont get any medical tests done, not monitor blood pressure and most of thinking “IT CANNOT HAPPEN TO ME”.
Therefore Bad arteries do not develop overnight and neither do they become OK easily. It takes care, time,conscious effort and a lot of control and hard work to reverse the condition.
Therefore my cardiologist recommended a long course of the Ginger,Garlic and Lemon extracts mixed with cider and honey.
I was supposed to have 3 tea spoons of it daily mixed with water or directly before breakfast.
I was supposed to prepare the concoction at home as no ready off the shelf alternative was available and even if was somewhere my doctor did not trust the ingredient quality.
I took the help of whoever I could to procure raw materials and my wife put herself in charge of making it.
It was quite tedious but somehow in 2009 Feb I started it and continued to have for 3 years along with my other daily allopathic drugs.
All along with the Grace of God, I had no recurrence of the Heart Attack and most fortunately the aches in my chest and discomforts slowly began to vanish. I certainly felt more active and energetic and could walk swiftly without feeling much breathlessness.
Most and most of all My wife and me trekked on the Chandrashila Peak in the deep months of Dec-Jan in deep snow near Kedarnath in Uttarakhand-India. In snow the expedition is almost graded as very difficult.
We also did the Panchachuli glacier trek in 2013. It is a trek which most normal people will not be able to endure, leave alone a heart crippled guy like me. I call my self so here cause during the Attack my heart muscle has sustained damage and scarring had occurred. This meant that my heart was not at it’s 100% ever again after that and that it would always remain crippled cause the dead tissue in it would never become live again.
I never felt any discomfort while climbing or even while reaching heights of 16000-18000 feet.
All this I am sure would not have been possible without the work the Herbal medicine had done in my insides and I was silently very thankful of it for having given my life back to me and for having restored confidence once again.
I silently used to thank heavens for giving me the opportunity again as a nature explorer.