Sunday, 30 August 2015

Birth of a Product

The herbal formulation of ginger garlic and lemon extracts processed and mixed with green apple cider and based in honey that I had started having in 2009 upto 2012 bore long lasting results for sure.
My blockage in one artery had reduced from 90% to 45%. Two angiograms one in 2009 and other in 2012 confirm this, both performed by my interventionist and cardiologist.
It was nothing short of  miracle. Actually the herbs had worked silently.
I slowly graduated from Statins daily dosage of 10mg to 5 mg. My cholesterol levels were well within permissible limits especially the bad one the LDL….
I had to now somehow maintain it and even today as I write this blog, my experience I had to share so that it could many many fellow humans who were inflicted with similar disease or were most likely to.
Upon doing multiple clinical studies on the formulation we a s a group consisting of researchers and doctors decided to promote a ready made product form of the formulation.
Thus in 2013 Shimbhala was introduced in markets and online and has many happy users !
It is manufactured at Baidyanath Bhavan and marketed under the banner of “Anushveda Wellness”
We shall highlight in oncoming blogs the nature and methodology of action of natural ingredients of Shimbhala such as Garlic, lemon and Ginger.

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