Sunday, 30 August 2015

Heart Attack-My Own Story-contd...2

The endevour here is to tell my story and relate with those who have gone through the trauma unfortunately and those who have a susceptible condition, heredity or lifestyle induced.
After the hospitalization and treatment I came home and since 2007 feb a regime of drugs started as a daily course. handful of medicines costing approx. 1200-1600 per month. More than the drugs and costs, these were leaving me with despair apart from the insecurities and the constant fear of ralpse or repeat, or that stenosis could occur if not a repeat infarction. My age in 2007 was 42 years.
Slowly I also started to realise that some drugs were affecting me adversely as well in terms of side effects such as weakening of the muscles and lack of strength in the body, in coherent and sporadic pains in the legs, knees, arms etc.
It is a well known and established fact that statins regime which are cholesterol reducing family have this effect on muscles, which is to do with lowering the water content in them gradually causing a change in their output and endurance, hence weakening.
This is while we are not discussing other drugs in combination. My cardiologist also did not see or explain to me the drug interactions involved as I am supposed to have 5 different salts and combinations at one go.
The heart must not be under stress at any given point of time therefore not missing even a single dose daily for the rest of my life is the mantra.
To think of it one way is the brighter side here. Atleast I know what goes on inside my cardiac annals. Atleast there is now a monitor in place but at what cost??
I kept on religiously however as there was not alternative. Is there any???? The eternal question started to smither within.
This is more specifically explained as cholesterol reducing drug of the statins family acts in the liver and after a certain while since all cholesterol from the blood is extracted here turns the liver into fatty liver, a condition of the liver with high levels of fat deposits ultimately impairing it’s digestive and conversion functions, a condition which can be easily monitored through blood serum tests such as SGOT and SGPT.
Similar adverse effect has been noticed in patients or people exposed to sustained intake of statin drugs or anti hypertention drugs.
I started probing my vicinity for answers. Some were – Build an exercise regimen lasting for about 45 minutes a day.-
Controlled diet, rid of oil,fried foods,heavy foods laden with cheese or butter or ghee, high fat content foods such as red meat, yellow of egg, pure milk etc.
Primarily a low salt diet which keeps a strong check on the blood pressure levels which if uncontrolled is the mother or root cause of all cardiac problems. Artheroscelerosis is the blocking of arteries caused by hypertension as one of it’s major reasons of occurence.
High BP makes artery walls rigid thereby more susceptible to blockage due to friendly environment for fat deposits to accumulate with a higher blood pressure and flow on the inner artery walls. Blood clots get stuck in them causing Infarction.
The answers which I found there was no oral substitute which could reduce if not completely stop the quantity of drugs I was having such as may be a reduction of statin from 10 mg to 5 mg so that it did minimum damage and organs could sustain for a longer period of time.
I consulted many Ayurvedic,Allopaethic,natural cure doctors and multiple advise emerged. Broadly I became increasingly attracted to Ayurvedic or Herbal alternative as Herbs did not have any side effects.
As long as we had quality controlled herbal formulation which conformed to international standards of QC such as allowed levels of substances in it such as heavy metals, microbiological limits etc we could in tandem with our drugs have such a formulation if any which was effective existed.
I could not zero down on any on the net or otherwise. I was although given Arjuna to eat by one of the doctors I visited and many elixirs were proposed, however no referential existed or validation of the claim.
I never wanted to have something which was not proven in it’s effect. the whole purpose would get defeated if formulation I was having turned out to be ineffective ! Months passed by but I was still to start my Alternate Therapy for as a heart medication.
A popular brand or school of ayurvedic medicines was available but effectivity was again not proven. I was also dumped on what kind of formulation would be suitable…… Contd in next blog.