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Shimbhala 500 ml A potent herbal Extract for the Heart-Testimonials

Shimbhala is a simple formulation made of extracts of Ginger,Garlic,Lemon, Apple Cider Vinegar with Honey. It helps in treatment of Arthrosclerosis in which arteries harden and inner walls accumulate plaque which blocks the arteries and restricts blood flow, thereby increasing the chances of a heart attack or myocardial infarction.
Shimbhala helps prevent cardiac incidence and reduces the risk of a heart problems by keeping cholesterol in check and promoting smooth blood flow. Shimbhala further tones up the circulatory system.

 Atul Kumria
Age-50, Location New Delhi, General Manager with a recruitment Firm. Previously in Telecom Sales
I am an active 50 year old with a cardiac history of suffering a heart attack in February, 2007, at the age of 44 years. I was a smoker with a family history of cardiac disease. My father and mother have both dies of congestive heart failure. My father had a series of Myocardial Infarctions apart from suffering from Angina Pectoris, Pulmonary congestive disorder and what doctors called cardiac asthma. My Grand father died of cardiac failure too.
After my attack, lucky that I survived, I simultaneously underwent angioplasty in the same artery and got one medicated stent at Metro Heart Hospital, Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi in which one of my main arteries was stented. My doctor told me that the other artery was also blocked 90% and actually it also required stenting. Lack of finances forced us to leave that option.
I was put on to Shimbhala as an alternate medicine by my cardiologist/interventionist himself and my artery which in the first angiography had shown 90% blockage had opened up with 45% blockage after two years of constant intake of Shimbhala, 15 ml daily.
Prescriptive drugs are meant to keep cardiac condition regulated and in check but are not known for opening up blocked arteries or reversing a cardiac condition. Originally I was prescribed medicines that I am supposed to consume lifelong, which includes cholesterol lowering Statin 10mg, betablocker 80mg, anti hypertension drugs combination of three salts total 20 mg daily and aspirin.
After using Shimbhala for 2 years continuously and subsequently intermittently, my prescriptive drug quantities have decreased substantially. Statin 10 mg has come down from 10 mg to nil. Statin drug prolonged usage definitely causes muscle atropy, which is pain and weakening of the entire muscular system, fatigue and weakness in the limbs. Liver function also worsens faster with Statins as the drug acts on the fat in the liver itself.
BetaBlocker dosage, Telmisartan IP reduced to 80mg from 100mg 0f proponolol earlier. Clopidogrel and Aspirin dosage has gone down from 150 mg to 75 mg.
I do not have to eat Statin anymore as my cholesterol, triglyceride counts are always well within limits. Stopping Statin gave a boost of energy in itself and I feel much more relaxed in the mind and body with my overall condition. Thanks to Shimbhala.
My quality of life has improved tremendously and I do not suffer from any chest pains which used to keep re-occurring time and again. After the attack I had started feeling very insecure as I would experience short term pains in the left area of the chest, both front and back and I would always carry a nitroglycrin spray (imported from  Germany) and sorbitrate tablets in my pocket for emergency use.
I do not feel breathless anymore and I go for long walks whenever I get the opportunity from my work schedule. I feel more energetic than before and am certainly more confident as I underwent a severe post attack trauma and had totally lost the zeal and confidence to be working remain outdoors.
I thank my cardiologist for introducing me to Shimbhala and giving me an opportunity to live with a certain level of quality, enjoying every moment that I live. After my attack I thought I could not live a normal life anymore but Shimbhala improved my overall condition quite dramatically and I have been lucky enough to go along with my highly skilled and motivated trekker wife. We have done numerous mountain climbing trips and expeditions in the Uttarakhand Himalayas, post the attack, including the latest we did, the high altitude Chandrashila Peak winter expedition, (kedarnath valley height 16000 ft), the Roop Kund Trek in Uttarakhand, apart from many nature trails and mountain driving marathon, as one of my other passions is driving like crazy in the hills and for long distances such as Binsar, Munsiyari, Khirsu,Chopta and many other exotic locations in Uttarakhand.
I have met many Ayurvedic doctors some of whom say that garlic extract may reduce plaque in arteries but garlic in itself is tamsik food and may become the cause of onset of other diseases. If we assume this theory to be true, I am quite clear that to experience other diseases, we need to survive heart disease first !
Thank you Shimbhala once again and keep it up.
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Ajay Seth
Age-49, Location New Delhi, Vice President with an automotive component export house.
I am a busy family man, mostly from home to office and back with a routine of 2 to 3 international trips in a year. I have been suffering from sporadic chest pains and high cholesterol. My cardiologist diagonosed it as Angina Pectoris and prescribed al lot of drugs to me.
Walking for 15 minutes would give me a constricted feeling in the chest and sometimes tingles in my left arm. My office work began to suffer as I was not able to cope with my work demands and my own strong work ethic. I remember feeling extremely let down in life and I used to feel quite down. I started looking around for alternatives and someone advised me to start having Shimbhala.
Initially Shimbhala 15 ml dosage daily resulted in loose stools for me however after a week or so it started getting better and normalised after a fortnight. I noticed I was more energetic and able to go for daily brisk walks which earlier I was not able to do. I come back from work and go for a 45 minute brisk walk. My prescription drug for lowering cholesterol has also reduced to 5 mg from earlier 10mg.
 I am back at intensive touring internationally and very recently have been promoted to VP-Sales within my organisation. Doctors have declared my condition as Stable Angina as I no longer have the pains here and there and neither do I have any more pain or numbness in my left arm. I eat very plain food and avoid all kinds of fried foods or fat rich foods. I do not eat red meat and neither indulge in any smoking or alcohol consumption. I have also been able to benefit tremendously from meditation and a lot of my group mates in the meditation group are also benefitting from the amazing results of Shimbhala.
I thank Shimbhala for easing my situation and all those friends and loved ones who stood by me in my troubled times.
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Ritesh Sabharwal
Age-47, Location New Delhi, General Manager-Sales with a lubricating Oil division of an MNC.
I am a heavy weight individual having been on the heavier side ever since college days. I love to eat all kinds of tasty foods especially Panjabi preparations and am a moderate drinker and smoker. I was diagnosed with diabetes at an early age and have ever since been on ant diabetic drugs and diet regimen. I had developed a high blood pressure condition also and was unaware of it for more than a year. Chest pain and severe dizziness drove me to a check up and I was diagnosed with Unstable Angina Pectoris.
Prescriptive drugs helped stabilise my condition. I am still using 20 mg of telmisartan and rosuvastatin 10mg. I have diabetes controlling drug dose of 20 mg daily. and one of my close friends advised me to use Shimbhala 500 ml as it contained artery healing ingredients. I have now been having it regularly for more than one year and have no intentions of stopping it. I have got used to it and the day I skip it I feel there is something left to do which I am missing on.
I have no more constrictive feeling in my chest or laboured breathing. In fact I had frequent bouts of pain and numbness in my joints which has also disappeared. I have started going for morning walks and the improvement in my condition has helped me to even regulate my eating (calorie intake monitoring). I am walking for almost 90 minutes daily and intend to shed 20-30 kgs. Thinking upon the benefits of having Shimbhala, the uppermost in my mind is the wholesome energy and lively feeling I have and to be able to stick to my hectic touring schedule.
Atul Vohra
Age-38, Location Chandigarh, manager with a Private Firm in Sales and Marketing
My problem since last four years has been high LDL cholesterol. I eat outside all the time forcefully due to the nature of my job. I have been a moderate smoker and love to socialise. When I was diagnosed with a cholesterol problem the doctor advised me to bring about changes in my lifestyle and start getting used to the idea of sticking to a simple way of life without any chronic bad habits.
Although I reduced my smoking and liquor intake I started feeling quite unsettled and was not able to come to terms with the idea of having developed a bad health condition at such an early stage of life.
My chemist advised me to use Shimbhala as according to him he had started it with many patients all reporting good result and improvement in their respective conditions. Although I will admit I was irregular initially with the daily dosage (also because I never liked the taste or smell) I slowly got used to it and then gradually it became a habit.
I have now used Shimbhala for six months and stopped it only after 5 consistent normal readings of triglycerides and LDL cholesterol. I am much better now and I feel the same intrinsically as well. I have told about Shimbhala to all my friends and colleagues and many of them have started using it, some for their parents who have a heart condition or those who have joint aches.
Thank you for giving me this platform to share my experience and I hope it will reach many.
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Mohan Lal
Age-57, Location Chandigarh, Jr. Engineer with PWD, Chandigarh U.T.

I am well settled in Chandigarh and about to retire in 2016. I have been a bidi smoker ever since childhood and have had no illness all my life until recently when I was diagonosed with heart disease. I was advised by pass surgery as I had multiple blockages in my arteries. At the time of diagnosis I was unable to walk more than 10 to 15 steps as it would increase my breath rate and heart rate. I had to curtail a lot of my activities and cut down on my evening social life as well. However I decided not to go in for surgery as I neither had the finances nor could I gather enough courage to do so.
Ever since I have used Shimbhala for almost one and a half years now. I am not completely out of danger but I have been able to improve upon my condition quite a bit. I go for long slow walks now in the morning on the Sukhna Lake and I do not feel breathless anymore. My cholesterol and blood Pressure are both stable and within limits and I follow a very simple diet plan now. I drive around on a two wheeler as I have always done and I don’t feel scared as initially when I developed the heart problem I had stopped driving as it would scare me.
I plan to continue having Shimbhala and hope that I would scrape through without going in for surgery as I am very scared of them and especially open heart surgery which anyway does not enjoy a very high success rate.
Thank you Shimbhala and AnushvedaWellness for continuing even home deliveries on call.
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